A lot of deers !! Todaiji-temple in Nara

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Nara is one of the most ancient cities in Japan. It has been developed since the 3rd century and was also the capital of Japan in the 8th century. Temples, palaces and shrines witness the prosperity of the city. Nowadays, this city not only preserves the cultural and art heritages, but also hosts many nimble newcomers, the deer.
Attension sign for The deers in Japan

It takes about 1 hour to travel from Kyoto or Osaka to Nara. After a short walk from Nara station, the fresh green meadow and the lovely deer will for sure attract visitors. That is Nara Park. But don’t spend all of the time here because there are still a lot more to see in the city! Walking along the path in the garden, visitors will be astonished by a serene wooden architecture, Todaiji. This is a UNSCO World Heritage, and also the house of the 15 meter tall bronze Buddha statue.

The deers in daikegon ji temple
Inside of Todai-ji temple, there are a lot of deers.


The deers are happily wandering, enjoying the attention and treats from people.
They are believed to be the messengers from the God.
Visitors can buy special crackers, senbei, to feed the deer.
Please also pay attention as the deer may come in swarms for their favorite snack!
Signs along the roads also guide visitors to pay attention and avoid being attacked by these playful deer.

attension board for visiter

Naramachi is also a place to search for treasures! Houses here preserve the ancient architecture, while some of the owner re-design and decorate the interior to be modern, fashionable shops or cafes. If visitors want to spend more days in Nara, there are still many great spots in the neighborhood, such as Yamato Koriyama, Yoshinoyama or Asuka. Want to experience the cultural and natural beauty of Kansai area? Nara would be a place that visitors cannot miss!

the deers with cherry blossam
Travel information and tips
• Most of the tourist spots in Nara city are within walking distance from the Kintetsu Nara station. The JR Nara station of further away from the tourist attractions. Visitors arrived in JR Nara station is suggested to travel by bus to save energy and time.
• Know more about sight seeing in Nara city: http://narashikanko.or.jp/en/


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