A piece of the ancient beauty of Heian Kyo – Heian Jingu Shrina

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Heian Jingu Shrine is located in Kyoto City. It was built in celebration of the 1100th anniversary of the construction of the ancient apital – Heian Kyo, the contemporary Kyoto area, in 1985. Even though some of the buildings were destroyed during a fire in 1970s, through the supporter’s donation the buildings were rebuilt. Visitors entering the building will see the giant Torii at the entrance with the surrounding canal of Lake Biwa. They welcome visitors with a unique serenity and nobility.

gate way of Heianjingu shrine

Gate of Heianjingu shrine

River near by Heian jingu shrine

River near by Heian jingu shrine

Visitors to Japan can easily find Torii at shrines. Torii is like the gate of the shrine, it separates where the God and human live. The name came from the Japanese legendary story and it literally means where the chicken stays. The Giant Torii stands stately at the entrance to Heian Jingu. On the inside, the light-red buildings and the white sands in the center make the interior extraordinarily unique and beautiful. The gardens in the shrine are delicately designed and decorated. It’s divided into 4 areas and each with one specific theme of design. The shrine has always been a famous place for enjoying the beauty of Cherry Blossoms in the spring. And in October, it’s the venue of the Jidai-Matsuri, Festival of Ages. During this time people wear traditional costume and parade to Heian Jingu. It brings up the ancient atmosphere and will be a good opportunity for visitors to get to know and experience the ancient Japan.

Inside of Heianjingu shrine

Inside of Heianjingu shrine


A chōzubachi of Heian jingu shrine

A chōzubachi

There is also something else worth seeing in this area. It’s possible to take a boat cruise in the canal of Lake Biwa. Keage Rail is also within walking distance. The rail was built to support the transportation of the canal of lake Biwa. Now it is not in use anymore, but the two sides of the rail are planted with cherry trees, making it extraordinarily beautiful during the cherry blossom seasons!

Keage railway

Keage rail

Travel information and tips

Address: Nishi Ten-o-cho, Okazaki, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8341
Telephone Number: 075-761-0221
English Website URL: http://www.heianjingu.or.jp/index_e.html
How to access

■From JR Kyoto Station

take City Bus 5 to “Kyoto Kaikan Bijitusu-kan Mae”.

■”Higashi-yama” Tozai line

10 min walk from there.

■Keihan Railway’s Sanjo Station
15 min walk from there.


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