CUPNOODLES MUSEUM (formal name: Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum) in Yokohama

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I think most of you have had cupnoodle once in your life.Cupnoodle museum is in Yokohama city.

You can learn about history of NISSIN that company is provide a lot of cupnoodle.

I could see some forigners in this museum.

history of cupnoodle (NISSIN)

You can see all of product package in one room.

history of cupnoodle


Some package is for overseas. So you may see in supermarket.

Before coming to here. You can enjoy watching movie of history about cupnoodle.

Ando Momofuku is featured on the movie who is the founder of NISSIN.the start of nisshin cupnoodle



This kitchen is the space where he cooked and developed cupnoodle.

He tried a lot of times here. Finally cupnoodle is one of greatest invention from Japan.


You can make original cupnoodles here and eat in.

I went here late hour …So I couldn’t make original one.If you like cupnoodles you should go and try it!

cupnoodle museum is so crowded

Near to entrance area , you can buy souvenirs.

souvenir area

You can get Cupnoodles museum original set .





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