Drive plan to Mito Kairakuen(水戸偕楽園)

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Do you want to go somewhere in Japan by your own car (rent car)?
If so, using an expressway is one of selections to take.

Here is a sample driving plan for you. The destination of this trip is Mito Kairakuirakuen, a big park with many cherry blossoms and plums. Take the Tohoku Jidoshado and Kita-Kanto Expressway to Mito.
This is a very small part of Mito Kairakuen. It has attractive lawn grasses, though you can’t enjoy BBQ on it.

wako interchange

The explanation starts from Wako Interchange at seven o’clock in the morning and coming back at seven in the evening. Wako City is the most South part of Saitama prefecture. Next to Wako City is Tokyo. When you start driving from Tokyo, of near part to Saitama, this plan also works to you.
We have five places to visit on this plan. They are, Nakaminato, Mentai Park, Oarai Yellow Port and finally Mito Kairakuen. It’s not a trip in hurry.
kairakuen mentaiko

Here is a time table.
7:00 departure
Get Tokyo Gaikan Jidoshado at Wako Jct. and then change to Tohoku Jidoshado at Kawaguchi Jct. It takes ten minutes from Wako Interchange. to Kawaguchi Jct. and then, forty minutes to Sano Service Area.
8:00 – 8:30 Sano Service Area for a short break.
Go on Tohoku Jidoahado and then transfer to Kita-Kanto Expressway at Tochigi-Naka Jct. after driving ten minutes. Fifty minutes driving on Kita-Kanto Expressway and then at Mito-Minami, you have to drive on Higashi-Mito Doro to Hitachinaka. There is a big fish market, Nakaminato Osakana Ichiba.
10:00 – 11:00 Nakaminato Osakana Ichiba
11:15 – 11:45 Mentai
12:00 – 13:00 Oarai Yellow Port for lunch
13:40 – 15:00 Mito Kairakuen, Tokiwa shrine, Senbako for walk
Take Route 50 to go back home and then Joban Expressway. It is about 1 hour driving to get Moriya Service Area.
16:00 – 16:30 Moriya Service Area for break
This service area is new. Try it.

Get out of Joban Expressway to change route to Tokyo Gaikan Jidoshado at Misato Jct. From Misato Jct. it’s only 30 to 50 min away from Wako Interchange. Because it’s depend on how the highway crowded to get home. When it’s not crowded, it’s 30 minutes. When it’s jammed, it takes over one hour or more. Pay attention to the road info.
17:00 arrival

Oarai market

A fish market in Oarai: You can eat raw oysters here and can see octopuses are wiggling their arms in a tank waiting for to be sold as food.


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