GINZA BVLGARI : It’s worth a look!

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ginza bvlgari building
Note the big snake around the building!
This impressive shop is also the main Ginza headquarters; it’s one of nine Ginza shops.
This building is called BVLGARI Tower and the snake with green sapphire-eyes is an icon, representing BVLGARI jewelry.

ginza bvlgari snake
*About the BVLGARI Snake Display

Actually, BVLGARI didn’t fasten the snake all the way around the tower but as you can see, it is still huge!

If you want to see more of this kind of spectacular decore, it may be worth visiting Ginza in December or January. There is a festival in Ginza which starts towards the end of the year, which features similar sights.

BVLGARI’s original motif, announced in December 2012, was a white snake with diamond eyes. This appeared on the building during that Christmas. The snake has since disappeared and the reappeared.

After a period of absence it came back in January 2014.

blgari building usual outside

By April 2014, the building had neither a snake or other ornament around it;
This is very usual outside of the BVLGARI tower.

*How to get the BVLGARI tower:

To visit the tower, you can walk 2 minutes from the Ginza 1-Chome Station of the Yurakucho Line or Ginza Station of the Ginza Line and Ginza Station of the Marunouchi Line.
‘Ginza 2-Chome 7-12’ is the exact address of the BVLGARI tower. These Stations are on the Tokyo Subway Route Map. Station numbers are G09, H08, M16 and Y19.

tokyo subway map

BVLGARI tower is situated on the crossroad of Ginza 2-Chome on Chu-oh Street and Ginza Maronie dori Ave. You also can see Melsa, Louise Vuitton, Tiffany, Matsuya, and Chanel near the 2 Chome intersection.

*More info

From the Tokyo Metro Marunouch Line’s Ginza Station C4 Exit, go straight along the big street in front of you, from Harumi dori to Higashi Ginza. Make a turn to the left at 4 Chome intersection. This one is the biggest intersection in Ginza. Go back to this 4 Chome intersection if you get lost. 2-Chome is just two blocks away from 4-Chome.

From Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Ginza 1-Chome Station, you will see Ginza Melsa building next to a post office and Tiffany and then BVLGARI tower.

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line runs along the Chuo dori Ave so they have stations under the 4-Chome intersection and the 1-Chome intersection.


1-Chome, 2-Chome…are the block address numbers but you may have difficulty finding out these addresses on the streets because Japanese never have street signs on the buildings.
There are ‘Kobans’ (police boxes) near each station or big intersection in most big Japanese cities. Go to one of the Kobans to ask the way to go. Guidance is an important task to a police officer in Japan.


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