Hanasaka Park is one of our most favorite park in Yokohama city

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It’s hardly ever seen in the central of giant cities in Japan such as Tokyo or Osaka where children are running around in the park.

hanasaka park3

Hanasaka Park is one of my most favorite park in Yokohama city.

The actual official name for this park is Hase park, however, this park is known more familiarly as Hanasaka park.

The name of the park “Hanasaka” is taken after the famous old Japanese nursery tales called “Hanasaka Ziisan” (Cherry blossom Grampa).

hanasaka park2

As the name stands for, this is one of the best spot for SAKURA viewing in cherry blossom season – starts around the end of March through around the middle of April.

The picture above is taken at the beginning of April. Because this year we are having crazy weather; extremely hot day and cold day coming in turns, these SAKURA flowers have fallen slightly earlier than usual.

However, they are taking their turns. Which is, there is one SAKURA tree that always blooms at the very last.

People living around this park know spring is over and gradually feel the scent of early summer when this late-blooming SAKURA blossoms fall off.
hanasaka park1
If you have a great deal of leeway in swinging by during your travel in Japan, it may be a good idea to drop by this little town and enjoy feeling the time is passing slowly.


Address: 2-14 Nara Aoba-ku ,Yokohama city, Japan
How to access

From Shibuya station:
・Take Denentoshi line to Nagatsuta station

From Yokohama station:
・Take JR Yokohama line to Nagatsuta station

From Nagatsuta staion:
・Take Kodomonokuni line to Kodomonokuni station

To Hanasaka park:
・15 minutes by foot from Kodomonokuni station

Entrance Fee: Free

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