Hinamatsuri: A Japanese traditional festival for girls

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Hinamatsuri festival

Hinamatsuri is a festival celebrates at March third every year. It’s a girl’s festival. Many of Japanese families decorate dolls in their houses.   Once, a set of dolls for Hinamatsuri have so many members in it. It was fifteen of them total and displayed neatly on five or seven tiered platform. But now, main current is this type of set. There is only a pair of dolls: Odairi-Sama and Ohinasama on a tatami mat. This type of display is called Shino-Kazari.


Traditional Hinadan

What is Hinamatsuri? Hinamatsuri is a festival for girls. Parents would purchase a set of dolls when they have a baby girl and display it to celebrate that they have a girl. — Don’t worry. There is a boy’s festival at May fifth.

How to decorate dolls

How to decorate dolls

How to decorate dolls There are several types of display patterns for Hinamatsuri. One is in the top image, a noble man and his wife sitting beside. This type of setting is the main current now. Very old type of dolls settings has many members and items to be placed. We need seven stairs to show full set of dolls; they are a couple of nobles on the top, three court ladies on the second, five musicians on the third, minister of the right and minister of the left on the fourth, citrus tachibana in the left and three chore boys in center cherry in the right is the fifth stairs, fine marriage furniture and trousseau on sixth and seventh. Some families have flat type display and some have seven. In another cases, there are five or three stairs.  

Food for Hinadan

Food for Hinadan

  How to celebrate Hinamatsuri? Parents of (a) girl(s) prepare dolls a meal and set it before dolls displayed. In this photo, there are some treats and pink rice cakes around a meal. They are: Sakura-mochi, a rice cake with sweetened beans and cherry leaves, Chirashizushi, sweetened vinegar rice with seaweed and vegetables, asari clam soup, diamond shaped rice cake in pink, white and green. Some people have white sake at the day of Hinamatsuri.

stained glass

stained glass hinadan

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