Ise Grand Shrine is one of the central

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Ise Grand Shrine is one of the central and most historically important shrines in Japan. It is in Ise Shima area in Mie prefecture, which locates next to Kyoto.

2013 was very important and special year for the group of Shrines in this area, and the biggest event in 20 years was held; Shikinen Sengu.

For the meaning of Ise Grand Shrine and Shikine Sengu, see the link below.

Ise Grand shrine

What you discover in this Shrine is not only the celemonial celestial atmosphere but the calm and peaceful feeling in yourself.

Before you come inside of shrine, you are better to wash your hands.This place is called as Chozuya. And its for cleanse the body.

We want to write another entry which show you the way to wash your hands.


Chōzuya water ablution pavilion

Once you step into the Ise Grand Shrine by walking through the Torii arch, most people would realize the temperture of the air changes. There is always a nice breeze and you are ready to enjoy the sacred adventure.

Menoto-iwa in Futamiokitama

If there is still some time remained during your stay in this Ise Shima area, I would recommend you to visit Menoto-iwa in Futamiokitama Shrine, too. It takes approximately 20 minutes from Ise Grand Shrine to this spot.

Menoto means a married couple in ancient Japanese.
The bigger rock represents a man and the smaller one, a woman.
It is said that Kami, God in Japanese, reigns on this rocks.

Sunrise viewing is popular here!


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