Gourmet in Ise Shima (Mie prefecture)

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Ise Shima is where Ise Grand Shrine is located.

Of course the shrine itself is going to be the main purpose for you to visit this area, I would hugely recommend you to enjoy beautiful gourmet in this blessed city.

First of all, getting of at Toba station on JR or Kintetsu line, there is just in front of you a nice cozy little gourmet arcade.
healthy-looking seafoods

There are several small restaurants and pearl shops arrayed.
Inside each restaurants, you will be excited to see very healthy-looking seafoods are swimming in water tanks.
Order which ever you want to lively aunts, then they will serve you big Ise shrimps, sea urchin, or selfishes with different cooking methods that fit each of them.


After having nice walk in Ise Grand Shirine, let’s have a little break at Akafuku cafe.

Akahuku is very popular sweets in Kansai area. Especially in Ise Shima area, there are numbers of little traditional style of cafes that serve Akahuku and a cup of Japanese brown tea.

There is a rice cake, which is called Mochi in Japanese, covered with sweet beans paste, called Anko.

Try it and feel the peaceful atmosphere of Japan that has not changed for hundreds of years.

Toba International Hotel-restaurant

Finally, I would say the best place to have dinner is a restaurant at Toba International Hotel.

Favored by Royal family for a long time, fairly sophisticated dishes will satisfy you to end the joyful journey.

English Website URL: http://www.tobahotel.co.jp/en/
How to access

By Shttle Bus
Their shuttle bus departs from the Kintetsu Toba Station every 30 minutes from 8:45-11:45 and 12:30-18:00.


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