Kagoshima City has both urban-like and country side chic atmosphere

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Getting of at Kagoshima Chuo station, you are just in the middle of Kagoshima city.

Kagoshima locates at the very bottom south of Japan long island. It has warm and comfortable weather throughout the year, so as people.

Kagoshima city has both urban-like and country side chic atmosphere.
And that is the reason why I like this city.
kagoshima station
Just above the station, there is a big Ferris Wheel, one of the landmark of this town.

Also, here is one of the major dating spots for highschool students in Kagoshima.
This huge mountain is not visible from everywhere, but can be listened most of the area in Kagoshima.

Mt. Sakurajima is known for eruption-prone condition.

It erupts more than 100 times a year. Therefore, you will recognize the streets are covered in dark black powders came from the crater.

You may feel the kinship with the natural world.
Capalbo Hall

Not only the natural world the allurement Kagoshima has, Capalbo Hall may be one of the hippest parts of the city.

It is a big live house where a lot of famous and popular musicians and dancers and any kind of performers play and perform at.

It may be a good idea for you to once visit this comfortable Kagoshima city.

How to access

・To Kagoshima Airport:
From Haneda Airport, 2 hours.
From Osaka International Airport, 1hour.

・To Kagoshima Chuo Station:
From Kagoshima Airport, 20 minutes by bus.


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