Katanashi (Izakaya) Sangenjaya – Tokyo

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The place is just 3min walk from Sangenjaya station but I couldn’t find the place so easily…

because its located in very narrow street.

We enjoyed highball and some local foods there, also chatting with the shop owner sometimes.

Actually I found this shop when I was in Singapore for work, it’s nearby the Singapore River and I was there 2-3times a week for drink. Met so many friends and had a precious time with them.

So we promised to meet up again in this same shop when we back to Japan.

So today was kind of a special day for me. The atmosphere was bit different from the one in Singapore, but I liked it in Tokyo as well.

If you want to experience something very Japanese or already bored about the other ordinary Izakaya please visit Katanashi in Sangenjaya.
outside katanashi sangenjaya


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