Kayabuki-no-sato Kitamura

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If you have some extra time in Kyoto, Kayabukino-sato is a place definitely worth making a visit.

the way to main area in kayabukinosato


Even though it is still part of Kyoto, not many people know about this place. It is just like a hidden village.


kayabuki small


There, you will find the traditional Japanese country houses standing in total peace and silence in the beautiful nature.


Of course, there are still people living in this district.

But some of them are renovated as a hotel, so you could actually spend a night or two in the house.

Kyoto traditional lifestyle

It has got a small museum about this village too. (closed during winter)

kayabuki snow

You could visit this village any time of the year and enjoy changes of the seasons.



moss in Kayabuki no sato

snow on roof

This could be the perfect place to get away from the noises of cities and refresh yourself.

So please take one step away and feel this nature.

#Official web site in Japanese


#Access by train

from JR Kyoto to JR Sonobe (About 35 minutes by high speed)
JR Sonobe · JR Hiyoshi · JR from Wachi (Wachi), please use the Nantan city(南丹市営) bus.


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