The oldest Zen (禅) temple :Kenninji temple(建仁寺) in Kyoto

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kenninji temple outside

Kenninji temple (建仁寺) is a one of the oldest temple of Zen(禅). Zen is featured in Silicon valley now.
I could found tweet about cherry blossom which is in bloom.Then I went there , but I couldn’t find them.
But I saw the art of Japan.

One is the national treasure “The painting of God of the wind and God of thunder”(風神雷神図 in Japanese)by Sotatsu Tawaraya. 154.5 × 169.8cm is the size of this.Now so many artists refered this and copied.
fujin-raijin painting

Another one is Painting of dragon on the celling.

painting dragon

You can see movie on YT.


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