[Movie] The Holy Forest in Yakushima-island

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We found great movie which you can know Yakushima well.
And if you plan to come to Japan. You may add plan to go Yakushima island. We make capture.
You can know the greatness of Yakushima in a few minutes.
Yakushima river
You may enjoy in river.
They have beautiful river.
My friends who born in Yakushima said that you can dive into river and enjoy.
Yakushima monkey
Of course there are a lot of animals, monkies,foxies,deers and more.
You can relax with these animals.
Near to river in Yakushima island

forest in Yakushima island

Yakusugi tree
Yakusugi is famous in Japan. But from town , it takes few hours to get there.
And it is little bit hard to go. So if you usually don’t do any activities , you should do training.


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