Nara town (Yokohama city)

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Located in the suburb of Yokohama city, Nara is a very peaceful little town.
It takes only half an hour from both central Tokyo and central Yokohama. Still, this area remains a sense of countryside.

If you are a little bit tired of walking in skyscrapers of Tokyo, let’s take a good walk in Nara area.
Don’t forget to prepare for a picnic when you visit this little town!

Because there are plenty of local cozy parks where you can enjoy smooth breeze and scents of flowers.

A king of all the parks locates just in front of Kodomonokuni station; Kodomonokuni.
It is a natural park founded over 50 years ago as a commemoration of the Royal marriage.
Kodomonokuni means “State of kids”. As its name suggests, this park is a great spot to visit if you are with little children.

Especially in the beginning of April. Kodomonokuni is a best-kept secret spot for Ohanami (cherry-blossom viewing).

You can enjoy an array of slightly pinkish Sakura trees even from inside the train.

How to access

From JR Yokohama line or Denentoshi line, transfar at Nagatsuta station to Kodomonokuni line.
Kodomonokuni station is at the end of this line.


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