Nishiki-Ichiba (market) – Shijo in Kyoto

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Nishiki street
You want to see a traditional street in Kyoto without going too far away from the centre?
Then, Nishiki-Ichiba (market) is the place to be.

Walking around and being shopaholic in downtown, you will notice some different smell. That is when you know that the street is close to you.
And once you turn around the corner, you will suddenly get a feeling like you have walked into a long history of this ancient town.

Japanese rolled egg

This street looks quite different from others lying right next to it (Teramachi or Shinkyogoku).
Here you can find so many foods uniquely to Japan, some things you could only find in Kyoto.
Starting from many different kinds of pickled vegetables, you will see many spices, fresh seafoods, fried foods and traditional sweets.

Quality of those things is promised. As a proof, many cooks who own restaurants in Gion area (known for many high-end restaurants/stores) shop here for the fine ingredients.

You can also find some street foods that are uniquely to this street such as small octopuses on sticks or doughnuts made with soy milk.

food in nishiki market

This is a good place to shop for souvenirs as well.
There, you will find sushi key holders, poach made with traditional cloth, beautiful fans, or chopsticks.

chopsticks as suvenior

Although they may not always speak fluent English, people in shops are very friendly and used to tourists so you do not have to be worried.

Kyoto is filled with those small streets with new findings, so don’t be afraid to take small turns and get lost. You never know where you find the best memory of your stay.


It depends on  stores, typically 9:00 to 18:00

Closed: Depends on stores, typically Wednesday or Sunday

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