Oarai Yellow Port Osakana-shokudo(お魚食堂) lunch

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Oarai Yellow Port is a shopping mall that’s located near the Mito-Oarai Interchange on Higashi-Mito-Doro highway.
There are some shops and restaurants in Oarai Yellow Port; a sushi-go-round, a fish restaurant and fish market.
This is a lunch set at the fish restaurant, Osakana-shokudo(お魚食堂).
This lunch has been ready on the table for a tourist.
There are some dishes with sashimi=sliced raw fish, shrimp, boiled fish and vinegared cucumber with seaweed.

These dishes were set into a wooden-tub together neatly. Chop sticks and wet tissue were put in front.
You will clean your fingers up before you eat.
People put rice bowl on the left side and put the soup bowl on the right in many part of Japan. You don’t have to follow this manner but just knowing is good in case you have a question.

Oarai Yellow Port-lunchA small boiled crab

A small boiled crab was placed in a soup bowl without soup.

bowl of crab miso soup

You will pour miso soup in this bowl by yourself to make a bowl of crab miso soup. Please use a ladle that is provided in the vicinity of the pan. This pan and miso soup may sometimes be too hot on the one-burner gas table. Be careful.
tea pot
You would have some tea, also, by yourself for free. In many cases, water and hot green tea are not charged in Japan if it’s not written on a menu.
Help yourself. Feel free to do this.
This time, you don’t see any tea pot or tea bags around that means tea is ready in the thermos. Pour some hot tea in a cup for yourself.

another ready-made set of lunch


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