Odaiba in Tokyo. Great experience the ancient and contemporary

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Odaiba is a huge artificial island located in Tokyo Bay. It has been rapidly developed since the 90s, and now a variety of entertainment can be found there. To get access to Odaiba, Yurikamome, the viaduct train, is a nice way because it not only runs from Shinbashi to the island, but also reaches several spots throughout Odaiba. A day pass is also offered to tourists.

asahi beer HQ in Asakusa

Asahi beer HQ in Asakusa

Other than taking the Yurikamome line, a boat cruise is also an easy and cool way for transportation. Passengers can easily find boat pier at Asakusa and get the tickets to Odaiba. There are several types of boat at choice, including the ordinary ones, the ancient type-Atakemaru, the galaxy adventure type- Hotaluna and Himiko. And it takes about 50 to 80 minutes from Asakasa to Odaiba, depending on the boat type and route. The cruise passes through several bridges across Tokyo Bay and will definitely leave a special memory for tourist about this harbor city.

rainbow bridge

rainbow bridge

French Statue of Liberty in daiba

French Statue of Liberty in daiba

On the way to Odaiba, the Statue of Liberty can be seen from far away. This is the replica of the French Statue of Liberty. The original one was actually exhibited during 1998 and 1999 in celebration of “The French year in Japan.” After the exhibition, the replica was then sent here in 2000 because of its popularity.


Sunset form Odaiba(Daiba)

Sunset form Odaiba(Daiba)

Once arrived in Odaiba, several shopping centers will be at the sight. Indeed, this is a shopping paradise that offers many brands to consumers of different types. Also, this is a romantic place for couples to walk and see the night view. The terrace at Fuji Television network is the best spot to see the night view of Tokyo. An astonishing view can be captured at dusk. The golden Mount Fuji, the city nightlife, and the serene bay made a perfect combination. Japan animation and drama lovers can’t miss the special exhibition in the television building. A collection of its famous TV series will be placed for visitors to enjoy!


One peace area

One peace

Other than the splendid view and shopping, Onsen (hot-spring) in Odaiba is worth visiting too. Ooedoonsen monogatari is an onsen (hot-spring) featured entertainment complex that offers hot-spring, food and lots of fun. The interior is delicately decorated as the ancient history setting. Visitors will be offered their own set of bathrobe kimono and are welcomed to relax and take a fun walk into history!


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