Shibuya 109 is the best place to buy clothes

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Shibuya 109 is the one of the landmark in Shibuya.
It’s quite near to Shibuya station. A lot of young girls and ladies enjoy shopping.
And here is a mecca of fashion for young people.If you go 109 , you may feel Japanese culture.

109 shibuya building

109 shibuya building

You can find very much unique items a lot.
Do you know the word of ‘GAL(gyaru)”?

Gyaru in  2009

Gyaru in 2009

Gyaru is one of the keyword for understanding Japanese fashion trend.

I’m not sure you may like gyaru fashion or not.But certainly they are the cutting edge of fashion.

And so many traffics are here so that it is good for crossing and people watching.

You can find some unique things from Japanese young people.

a lot of people crossing in front of 109

Its worth to visit for finding about Japan.
Enjoy your travel in Shibuya!

Address: 2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone Number: +81-3-3477-5111
English Website URL:
Japanese Website URL:
Shop Holiday: Except for New Year's Day, seven days a week

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