Suwako-lake in Nagano

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Suwa-city in Nagano-prefecture is one of the hotspot for me.

There are just a lake . But a biggest lake in Nagano prefecture. I love here.

It is surrounded by mountain.

suwako lake

This is the sunrise on New Year’s Day in 2011.

I like to see sunrise and sunset near Suwako-lake.

sunrise at Suwako-lake

Nagano has full of nature.So some foreigners love this place.

Anyway it required car … because train stops 1 or 2 per hour.

They also has hot spring ! I will introduce other article.

Hakuba and Karuizawa … So I want to introduce much more about Nagano near future.

From Okaya city you can see all around Suwa city.

8.0 Awesome

Suwako-lake is one of the best lake in Japan.

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