Takarajima (Kagoshima prefecture) is literally a treasure island

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Never seen the sky or the beach so beautiful, Takarajima is literally a treasure island.

“Takara” means a treasure and this island is actually named after the story of Treasure Island.

Only 13 km around, only 100 people live there. For its breath-taking beauty of the nature, it often becomes the destination of back-packers.

There is no restaurant or shopping mall, but priceless dreams and happiness would satisfy you throughout your stay.


It takes 12 hours by a ferry from Kagoshima port. You leave the port at night and if you are lucky, you might encounter a pod of dolphins welcome your hopeful voyage.


You will be staying at some guesthouse at this island, or camping is also recommended if you like. However, it is almost impossible not to be receive favors from islanders. Enjoy communicating with the affectionate and unique Takarajima people.

Wake up in the morning with the sun rise, take only a little walk to the beach. All you can see is the sky and the ocean. Nothing would ties you up in the little island. There is no rush, there is no jam-up. Let’s go fishing for your supper. Let’s go up the mountain “Imakira” and guess what, there is a 360-degree view of the blue ocean.

This is just the right place to get away from busy days and ease your body and soul.


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