[Tips]How to make Suica/Pasmo card for train and bus

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You can be used “suica” in JR East, and PASMO in JR West. How to buy is different in each. You must purchase a ticket to be careful you.


First you can buy “suica” with Ticket Reservation Office called “Midori-no-madoguchi(みどりの窓口)” or multi-function station ticket vending machines of JR East.
You will buy in ¥ 2000 one piece “suica”. Deposit fee is included ¥ 500 already in this fee.
If you want to buy “suica”, you can buy if you go to the window of the JR station nearby.
Deposit fee of ¥ 500 is returned to you when you return to the card.
So if you do not use anymore if the card, it is advantageous when you leave and return.

PASMO is available for purchase in the office, such as bus stations and private railway and subway of PASMO handling operators.
When you purchase, you can choose one of the inscribed PASMO or bearer PASMO.
If you have you choose the register PASMO, you will need to register personal information.
In the case of the purchase, you can choose the amount of your choice at 1,000 yen in vending machines in the station. This fee, deposit fee of 500 yen is included.
You can use it repeatedly again and again by making a deposit the money.
You can use the PASMO by bus or train in Japan. You can use PASMO more useful than “suica”.
It is preferable to change the card that you use to suit your purpose.

You can tap it on the blue part of ticket gate.


If you use train or bus a lot , you should try it.

You don’t need to buy ticket anymore.

And more, you can use them in convenience store …like LOWSON, Seven Eleven , Famima(Family mart) and so on.


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