[Tips]How to refund Pasmo/Suica card

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If you travel in Japan, you are better to get pasmo card.This card makes your staying in Japan better.
But when you go back to your country, pasmo/suica will be just a card or memorial item.

And inside of pasmo/suica has 500 JPY as deposit so that you are better to refund.
pasmo for train , bus

We want to show you how to refund Pasmo/Suica card.

You need to bring pasmo/suica card to station for each service area.
If it is registered under your name, you need to bring passport, Driver’s license or something Public certificate documents.

◆important points

・You can not only refund the remaining balance.
・They can not be refunded from 0:50 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. .
・Pasmo is for Tokyo metro or some private railway company. So you need to go subway station.
・Suica is published from JR.So you can refund in JR station’s reservation office only.


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